The Interfaith Alliance
of New York State

People of Faith Working for Justice in Public Policy



An affiliate of The Interfaith Alliance (TIA) based in Washington, DC, the New York State chapter is a grassroots organization that provides a mainstream, faith-based voice on issues involving justice and peace. TIANYS is a membership organization open to all people of faith, including those not affiliated with any congregation. A major goal of the organization is to foster social and economic justice by examining public policy through the ethical lens of the major religious faiths. In addition to studying public policy options, the Alliance also advocates for those policies which are most consistent with the fundamental religious principles of justice, fairness and tolerance.

Mark Your Calendars

October 30th - WEBSITE MOVING!

September 1st Deadline! Census Bureau Gerrymandering Residence Rules. More info on

4th Annual Interfaith North Star Peace Walk - September 25th, 2016 (2p-4p) beginning at RISSE in Albany, NY. Visit for information and registration details.

Monthly Membership Meetings - are held the second Monday of each month (except on holidays) at 9 a.m. at the Interfaith Center, SUNY Albany, University Drive West. Find us on Facebook for our latest event details.

Guide for Treating Patients of Other Religions and Ethnicities

Due to various time constraints, physicians and other health care professionals are often unintentionally unable to deliver culturally-sensitive medical care to all of their patients. This guide, developed by Barbara Dworkin, provides a brief overview of various religions and cultures within the U.S. and can assist in effectively addressing specific medical issues concerning patient care. It is provided as a public service by TIANYS and may be accessed by clicking here.